Program & business development

Program & business development
Scoping & shaping. At GGNI we turn ambitions and visions into viable business. Together with you we mold the results from our analyses into programs to realize your ambition. If you like we select partners to bring the program to life.

Whether you want a policy or strategy converted into a plan of action, or want a business lead converted into a product or service of value, we are at your disposal to develop the program and gather the resources to help you realize your objectives.

At GGNI, we use internationally accepted and transparent methods to substantiate opportunities and assess bankability or meeting your internal screening criteria. We can help you identify the necessary resources to realize the anticipated value. We are active in numerous international networks, representing multiple disciplines and sectors, both innovative startups and renowned companies. We are there to help you scramble and forge the partnership that delivers the desired result in time in budget.

Identifying (energy) (business) leads is our second nature. We collect leads, monitor the market, developments and trends. To convert leads into value, we incessantly try to match leads with the opportunities we identify.

G2G MoU into G2G, K2K and B2B workplan, G2G MoU into G2G, K2K and B2B mission, Fact finding into bi-lateral venture program, Fact-finding into energy policy development.

Fact finding into international venture program, project specifications into program for audit and review, Fact-finding into value proposition for national waste management and handling.